Novatec ND7 NovadrierNOVATEC is the largest U.S based manufacturer of resin dryers for the plastics industry and our association with MAGUIRE PRODUCTS makes our business group the largest resin handling manufacturing group in North America.
Novatec recognize that reducing energy costs is at the root of making our customers more profitable and Novatec works tirelessly to develop products that are more energy-efficient while reducing maintenance requirements and equipment footprint
NOVATEC is the only company offering all types of resin dryers that are in practical use by plastics processors. These include:
Intelli PET™ Drying Systems for PET
NovaWheel™ Desiccant Wheel Dryers
Central Drying Systems
NovaDrier™ Membrane Dryers
NovaVac ll™ Vacuum Dryers
Infrared Rotary Drum Crystallizer/Dryers for PET
Dual Bed Dryers
Hot Air Dryers
Therefore, Novatec can recommend the best dryer for any plastics drying application without prejudice.
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